Friday, October 26, 2007

Eye Candy Friday!

My old roommate Oumou had a baby last weekend - she is beautiful and perfect and adorable in every way.

I took a bunch of pictures and thought I'd share one of my favorites.

Don't you just love baby toes!

Oct 421

Have a great weekend!

Next week - photos of my completed Mystery Stole!! Yes! I actually finished it!! Yippee!


Stacey said...

awww - baby toes are the best!

Mira said...

Baby toes are the cutest! I recently visited a family friend who just had a baby. Her foot is about the length of my middle finger..too cute!

A big congrats to your friend!

Diane said...

Yes I love baby toes .... and baby fingers ....

GingerPyeJackson said...

give those piggies extra kisses for me.

Ruth said...