Thursday, January 17, 2013


I have been finishing some long overdue projects the last month or so.  One project that I recently finished is perhaps my oldest as well! About 10 years ago I took a class called "Quilt in a Day."  We learned how to cut and piece a quilt and miraculously I actually finished piecing a quilt top in that class.  But finishing a quilt top is not a finished quilt!  Time, fear and other interests got in my way and left that quilt unfinished.  I made many more quilts after that but for some reason never got around to finishing that first one!  Until now.

I decided it was about time to get that WIP off my list. 

A little repair work on a seam that didn't quite seal and I was ready for the backing and the quilting.  I kept it simple and just stitched in the ditch.  Since the original fabric I used for this was long gone I found some maroon fabric that was a close match and made my binding.  Then it was finally done!


I'm so happy to have this quilt since it represents so many things for me.  It was the beginning of my life of sewing and quilting and also introduced me to a friend who led me to knitting!  I met my friend Margaret at that quilt class year ago and she mentioned she had a knitting group.  I had just started knitting and had only made one or two projects.  Meeting Margaret and going to my first knit night led me to a whole new world of friends and experiences. 

So thank you quilt for opening new doors for me! I'm glad you are finally complete :)


I added a little decorative stitch for the binding too.  I like how it repeats the little flower motif from the white fabric.


From my oldest to my newest quilt!

I also recently finished a circle quilt:


I fell in love with a circle quilt after seeing one on a little gray's blog. I made a crib sized one for my girl out of fabrics I've had for a while - just waiting for the perfect project. 

I applied the circles using a zig zag stitch. 

I changed up the back a little to add a little surprise design there as well.


I love how it came out and hope my little peanut eventually loves it as well!!


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Love the quilts! I am sure your little one will love her new quilt!

Hugs and blessings always

mrspao said...

Gorgeous quilts :) I love that little detail you put the on the first one and I'm sure that your daughter will love her quilt.

ruthsplace said...

Both quilts look lovely. I'd never have thought to put embroidery on the binding.

Isn't funny how starting one craft can lead to another?