Saturday, September 30, 2006

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring!

It's raining and I'm going to be outside all day :(

I need you all to send out your rain dance vibes and make it stop!

I'm going to the Maryland Rennaisance Festival today.

I haven't gone in years - but this year my husband got us tickets and we have to use them today - or they are no good. Oh well. I do want to go - I'm just not too keen on being outside in the rain all day!

I'll let you know how it goes when I get back....

Hopefully not wet, and sick!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Attention all Maryland Knitters!

My Sit and Knit group - K1P2 is hosting a Knit a Thon!! Here is all the important info:

First Annual

Knit- A-Thon

October 14, 2006 10am- 3pm

Lakeside Cafe
10227 Wincopin Circle
Columbia, MD 21044
(410) 772 3694

Do You Have a Passion to Knit and Crochet?

Join us for an all day Sit-N-Knit to encourage the camaraderie of the local needle arts community while making items for charity organizations.

Donate knit/crochet items, and become eligible for prizes.

Everyone who brings completed items to the collection table during the Knit-A-Thon will be given a raffle ticket for one of many door prizes.
Prizes will be drawn at 3 pm. Winners need not be present to win.

Many fabulous prizes have been donated by local yarn shops and businesses.

Have you ever done Team Knitting?

Beginning at 11 am join other knitters to stitch a little, or a lot, to make a blanket in unison for charity

Classes will not be given

We look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Socks and yarn and turtles!

I'm dead..... But I'm still smiling :)

I received my sock wars socks in the mail today.

They are gorgeous! They were knit my Joanna in FL with Jaeger DK weight yarn.

They are so comfy! I will be shipping my single finished sock out tomorrow. It looks kind of lonely doesn't it!

The reason I'm still smiling (even though I'm dead) - is because of my awesome One Skein Secret Pal Angel Lorena - AKA Selkie. She is the best!

Just look at all the luscious goodness in here!

She was only "supposed" to send me a one skein project - but she also sent some amazing handspun yarn and a cool wooden turtle box.

The One Skein project that she made me is the fingerless gloves from

Aren't they cool!!

Check out Mr Turtle...

How did she know I love turtles!!

And the handspun is just too wonderful for words...

All I can say is Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Bloggers, Bloggers everywhere!

I'm so excited! Two of my recently non-blogging friends have come over to the dark side.
Margaret fell victim to the hype a few weeks ago and started her largemargeschoolforgirls. And yesterday - my friend Rebecca caved in and started her blog - giantsknitter. (Yeah - she's a Giants fan!) Anyway - I'm still waiting on some other knitting friends to finally hop on the blogging bandwagon (You know who you are... Hollyanne!) and get out there into cyberspace. Bloggers will soon take over the world!! *evil laugh*

I had a wonderful time last night by the way - I went over to Shelby's house for a Creative Memories party. We had wine and chatted and made up some pages. Good fun was had by all!

I have still not yet received my sock of death from Sock Wars - so I'm still knitting away on the ones I'm making. I hope I can finish them before I get mine. I started the second sock last night and am working on the cuff. Unfortunately I won't be home too much this evening so - death is definitely looming! I liked the yarn I used on them so much - I actually went and bought the same yarn in red for socks for me :) (big surprise there) I'll post pics soon of the new yarn and the socks (hopefully in their finished state).

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Long time no Blog!

I haven't been able to post in a while - our cable is out! Stupid Comcast was supposed to replace our line and instead of replacing it - they just disconnected the old one and never connected the new one!! I tell ya and right during premiere week too! Argh!!!

Anyway - I've been busy traveling and knitting and stuff as usual. I even got to be a tourist for a little while - on Thursday last week. I got out of work a little early and decided to go up to Sandia Tramway and mountain.

It was gorgeous! I couldn't believe how high it was. The altitude was over 10,000ft! There was snow on the ground and the wind was howling. It was a great view of the city though and well worth the $15 to get up there.

The tram ride was a little scarier than I thought it would be. The car was shaking in the wind and it was a LOOOOOOOOOONG way down. There was some crazy guy riding on TOP of the tramcar!

I got a lot of knitting done during my week away too. I finished my multi-directional scarf that I started at Woolwinders Sunday in the Salon last week. I love the yarn - it's Manos.

I also decided to practice some cabling and started this cool bag. I just need to add handles now, a lining and stitch the whole thing together.

At Sunday in the Salon this week - we started these cool beaded bags. I may end up ripping my back and starting again though- I didn't have a small enough needle for my yarn and it looks a little messy with the size 5 I used.

Here’s Shelby and Margaret:

and the rest of the group from last week….(Sorry no pics from this week!)

In other news - I am also working on my sock for Sock Wars!! I am done with the first one and just about to start the second - but then I got an email from my assassin saying she put my socks in the mail on Monday. No!!!! I'll be dead before the week is out. But I am glad that I will be getting some socks!! Yeah! I may even be able to finish the ones I'm making before they arrive. I wish I knew how what happened then.... If I get my socks out - but receive socks in the meantime - what happens? Am I still dead?

Oh well. I'll leave you with this gorgeous photo of Sandia mountain taken at 6:30 am last Friday as I was packing my car to leave. Isn't it gorgeous!

And I came home to this on Friday – My Clematis is blooming again – yeah!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday in the Newsletter!

Today was Sunday in the Salon at Woolwinders. I went down with Margaret and met up with Shelby. We made multidirectional scarves. They are way cool. I'm using a gorgeous Multi colored Manos. But most excitingly - we got our picture in the newsletter advertising the Sundays in the Salon!!

Check us out!

It was definitely a fun day :)

Tomorrow - it's off to Albuquerque and then Stich and Bitch New Mexico style on Tuesday!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mmmmm yarn

I arrived home to find three packages waiting for me again this week. I love getting packages in the mail!! First - one from my secret pal angel - Selkie... She sent me more yummy soap, some tea and yarn!!

She got me the most gorgeous Trekking XXL sock yarn. I have never seen yarn this gorgeous before - I love it!! It is so totally me. I love the colors!!!!

These colors are so me!

I also found another package from Kerry. I won a prize on her blog and I she sent this gorgeous Cherry Tree Hill yarn for winning her blog contest. I have always wanted to try this yarn and now I can!

And last but not least - my Elizabeth Zimmerman books finally arrived. Yeah!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A fair is a veritable smorgasboard, orgasboard.....

I spent a wonderful evening at the New Mexico state fair! And like my title suggests - a fair is full of wonderful food and this fair was definitely rich in tasty treats! I ate my way through the many stalls - and loved every minute of it!

The green chili stew with Indian Fry bread was definitely my favorite! It was SPICY!! So good!

I also got a "Pueblo Pie" - cherry - that was also delicious...

And what fair is complete without a fried twinkie :)

There was also a million things to see and do. I caught a tiger show - with some gorgesous white and orange tigers. They look just like big kitties and i wanted to hug them!

I was walking around too long before making my way over the animal stands. By the time I got over there - the only thing left open was one small area with some chickens and these cute little piggies....

There was also many art and craft displays - and of course I had to go look at the knitting that won. Here's a shot of a sweater that won first place...

There was an Indian village set up there also - there was traditional Native American dancing and food (that's where I got the green chili stew) and crafts and lots of turquoise jewelry.

I really enjoyed the dancing and music. The customs were amazing....

Overall - it was a great night! I did end up with blisters on my feet though! I wore the only shoes I had with me and unfortunately they weren't the most sensible shoes around - but it was worth it.

Stich n bitch night!

Another great Tuesday night at the Albuquerque stitch and bitch! It wasn't nearly as crowded as last time I was there - but I had fun non-the-less. And this time - I think I remember everyone's name. There was me, Beth, Kelly, Cari, Molly, Morgan and Bentley

I worked on my Trekking XXL sock and I am loving how the colors are working out. It is not at all what I expected - but I am really loving it. My hubby chose this yarn a while back and I wasn't really looking forward to making him socks out of it - but I must admit that I was wrong about this yarn. It is really cool :)

I was going to work on my lace some more - but just like the sit and knit in Maryland - I don't think I would have been able to remember what I did or where I left off. Here is a close up of one of my leaves - I love how this pattern is coming out!

I am using Gems Pearl a fingering weight yarn - newly purchased from Cloverhill yarn shop. My new favorite yarn shop!!! It will definitely be a dangerous place. I also picked up some Claudia's hand painted yarn in a varigated wine color and some lace weight Cherry Tree Hill yarn in gorgeous fall leaves colors.

This week - the New Mexico state fair is going on - and at Stitch and Bitch someone mentioned that there was a stabbing on the first day!! I was planning on going to the fair - but I have to rethink my options now :( Who knew there were gangs hanging out at the state fair!!

Monday, September 11, 2006


I woke up today at 6:00am, made it out the door by 7:00am, arrived at the airport by 7:20am, checked in, got through security and sat sipping coffee by 8:00am, boarded the plane and at precisely 8:46 am I was speeding down the runway about to takeoff. 8:46 was the time the first plane hit Tower 1 in New York. I was taking off in an airplane at the exact same time that people were dying 5 years ago.

This morning's flight was much more emotional than I thought it would be. Much of it was spent praying - praying that we had a safe flight - praying that no other terrorist activity happened today - praying that everyone I love was safe. I landed safely and got to my hotel and looked at the news and read the coverage on about the day. I have tears in my eyes as I look at the pictures of the day. People running, screaming, crying, dying. Death and destruction everywhere.

It really makes you realize how lucky you are to be safe - to be able to travel on September 11th and know you will be ok - tTo have someone at home that you love worrying about you.

I know I shouldn't have worried this morning. I know that when it's my time - it will be my time - no matter where I am. In an airplane or in my living room. It won't matter. I just need to remember to appreciate the time I do have. To appreciate everyone that I love and everyone that loves me.

Happy September 11th - may this day remind you of all you have and all those you love.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Brown paper packages tied up with string....

These are a few of my favorite things!

I got presents! I haven't posted about this yet - because my camera was acting up and I definitely needed photographic evidence of the greatness.

I came home last week from my travels and had two wonderful boxes waiting for me. One was from my One Skein Angel - Selkie - (not her real or even her blog name)
and it had all this goodness inside:

This soap smells amazing and it even has a cool Kokopelli on it!

I love Kokopelli - how did you know!!
It's kind of hard to see it in this picture - but he's there playing his little flute.

I play the flute - although it's been years since I picked it up! Kokopelli is also appropriate because he's all over the place in New Mexico where I'm traveling right now. Maybe it's a clue! Selkie - are you from the southwest?

I just love the sock yarn and the soaps and the card is too cute!

Thank you thank you - you are the best One Skein Angel ever!

I also got this awesome British knitting mag with a cool knitting case from Nicole - just because she's cool like that and thought I would enjoy it :) Thank you for being so sweet!

I just keep seeing cool things to make and Rowan yarns everywhere and ads for wonderful places in England. I may just need to take a trip to England after reading this!

I love how British mags always give away stuff with the magazine. Like an extra incentive to buy their mag. I have bought some in the past with free earrings, free makeup, free CDs - but this is the first one with free knitting swag!

And the final cool thing I got in the mail came yesterday - and it's from my August Project Spectrum swap pal - Dee.

I love it! She used paper and different textures and made this beauitful card. Thank you so much! I had the best time doing the Project Spectrum postcard swap. I wish I had known about it sooner- I only got to do 2 months. I hear there may be another one coming - so I'll just have to wait and see!

I have been busily working on my log cabin blanket too. I have until 2:00 on Saturday to get this baby finished. it measures about 20 inches right now and I need it to be at least 30 inches. It's taking forever to do a color now!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm home for a week!

I never thought it would feel so good to be at work - but I'm actually sitting in my own desk - I'm in my own cube - in my own building - instead of balancing my laptop on my knees and sitting in a random chair in some conference room answering ridiculous questions about ridiculous stuff. I'm home! yeah! For a week at least. Next week I have to fly back out to Abluquerque - but this week I can relax in my own private, (sort of) personal, cubey!!

I did have a great week last week socially at least :) I met up with the Albuquerque stitch and bitch group and then met up with Bentley on Thursday and saw the sights in Nob Hill and walked around old route 66. She was the best tour giude ever and we had a marvelous time.

I also visited the local yarn shops in Albuquerque - Village Wool and Fiesta Yarn. I bought lots of lucsious Debbie Bliss cashmerino for a baby blanket I'm making for a friend. I have to get knitting - her shower is on Saturday!! I'm a good way done - I knit on for a few evenings while I was out there - on the plane and a good deal this weekend too.

I had a fun weekend - I went up to visit my parents while the hubby had a "boys" weekend at Summit Point race track. He got to play "pit crew" for one of his friends who was racing. It rained the whole weekend and he had to sleep on the floor - but he loved it anyway. I got to spend the weekend with my parents at a wedding on Saturday for one of my oldest friends Timmy. Timmy is 29 and hates being called Timmy - but that's just too bad - because he will always be Timmy to me :) His new wife is lovely and very sweet. I got to see all the old crew from my family church. We did the chicken dance, the electric slide and everything else you would expect at a wedding reception in a firehouse. I did get to slow dance with my dad and my mom and I made the rounds doing the polka as well! Good times.

On Sunday - we went over the Annual Corn Roast at some friends house from church. Yes - it'a annual and yes it is a corn roast - where corn is the theme. They roast corn in the husks over a open flame on their homemade outdoor fireplace. They have scavenger hunts, there are "corn guys" that people make and vote on for prizes, there's lots of good stuff to eat and kids running around. I drank some Birch beer and was told my a million people how nice it was to see me "all grown up" I'm 30 - I've been all grown up for a while now - but these folks always say it just the same. If it sounds like I am from Hickville USA - you may be right - but I still love it and will always be in the mood for a hot piece of corn covered in butter and a folding chair in the grass in a good friends' backyard.

Oh and the highlight of the corn roast? There was a huge car of candy corn - and everyone had to guess how many pieces were inside. Guess who guessed exactly right!! My mom! She guessed 386 and she was right on the nose. She sent the candy corn home with me and it is now sitting on my desk half empty as my co-workers eagerly gobble it up. Good times!

This week will be spent trying to enter my expenses from the last two weeks, getting ready to leave again for another two weeks and spending as much quality time with my "boys" as possible.