Monday, August 24, 2009

I'll miss you Grammy!

My grandmother passed away today. She lived to be 93 years old and was healthy her whole life. She had a stroke last weekend and died this morning in her sleep.

Three Generations

I love you Grammy! Say hi to Grandpop for me :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!

Today is my parents' 40th anniversary! I'm so lucky to have such great parents who have been happily married for 40 solid years.

Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad - you are the best!

I'm in Cape Cod and Rhode Island this week for Jeanine's wedding. It has been a great time! I'll post pictures soon!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Orleans trip

I'm in New Orleans for work this week! I am lucky to be staying at the W hotel... I love the rooms. They are very stylish...

My room

I took a walk through the French quarter Monday evening enjoying the unique architecture and sights along the way:

New Orleans

New Orleans

New Orleans

New Orleans

I love that this building says "liver pills"
New Orleans

New Orleans

I love walking around Jackson square. Here is a sunset picture of St Louis Cathedral...
Jackson Square

After a stroll around I stopped at Cafe du Mond for a dinner of cafe latte and beignets. I swear I think there is more powdered sugar than dough!
Cafe du Mond

After that I walked along the river - and this walk is aparently called the "Moonwalk"...
Moonwalking in New Orleans

In addition to the plethora of homeless people sitting on the banks of the river - there were beautiful statues and pieces of art like this angel:

New Orleans Angel

The sunset over the Mississippi was beautiful:
Sunset over the MIssissippi

Sunset over the MIssissippi

Hopefully I'll have to time for more walks later this week!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

More Weaving

I had my second class yesterday with Carl Goss and I actually started weaving this time!

We finished setting up the loom first of course. I still had to slay the Reed:

Slaying the Read

And tie the warp on to the front apron stick

Tying off

And weave some fabric to get everything evened up

Weaving in fabric

And then it was time to weave!

Actual Weaving!

My sides are a bit uneven, but I love how the fabric looks!

Actual Weaving!

I'm off to New Orleans today for work, but I can't wait to come home and weave more at the next class!
Have good week!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Not another hobby!

It's true! I've been bitten by yet another bug of the crafting variety. I'm taking a weaving class!

I'm taking my class at Carly Goss Studios in Baltimore. I love that I found an alternative to The Mannings full week weaving course. Although I would love a week of weaving - I just don't have the time off I need for that class. I opted for this one since it's on Saturdays. So for the next 6 weeks I'll be here on Saturday mornings:

Weaving Studio

I took a "pre-class" last Wednesday where I learned to make my warp (the legnthwise structure of a woven object). Saturday was spent learning how to get the warp on the loom. This is a process that is much more involved that I had expected! Take a look at some of my progress:


Next week we will finish threading the heddles, and maybe... just maybe start weaving!

I'm very excited to learn more!