Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Loot

I'm having trouble posting pics - hopefully these will turn out....

Before I get to the loot - I have to brag.

I finished my first “warshrag” last night – Yeah!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">Finished!

I absolutely love the Mason Dixon book – whose official title is so long – I’m not even going to try to remember it… Here it is cut and pasted from

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">

Mason-Dixon Knitting : The Curious Knitters' Guide: Stories, Patterns, Advice, Opinions, Questions, Answers, Jokes, and Pictures”
by Kay Gardiner, Ann Meador Shayne

They make simple projects seem somehow new and different. I mean – come on – why would I want a hand knit washcloth? I would never normally have made one – but these are too cute. I really like the style. I am still constantly amazed at what you can do with just two stitches – knit and purl.

I also started a baby bib – the pattern is also from the same book. I didn’t take a pictures yet – but I pretty much almost finished it last night with about 2 hours of knitting. I can’t believe how easy it was – just garter stitch – yet it still looks great. I get to find a cute button to put on it too. My friend Mary Ellen will love it!

Now - on to the loot....
I am also finally getting around to posting some pics of my loot from my Scotland! I was actually extremely surprised at how few yarn shops there are in a country that has more sheep per acre than people! It was so hard to find yarn that I had to Google Scotland yarn and only found out about some of the shops I went to through other people’s recommendations. Most shops didn’t even have websites. Another thing I found strange is that most department stores have yarn. They have a “haberdashery” section – which I found quite charming. All the yarn, fabric and sewing supplies you could ever want – all in one place.
I visited Liberty Department store in London and although their haberdashery was quite beautiful and had an immense selection of every kind of needle art that exists (enough cross-stitch, loop rugs, yarn, needles, threads, feathers, and fabrics to make any textile lover blush) they were rather limited on their selection of brands. In fact – even though they had a very long wall dedicated to yarn – they only seemed to carry Rowan – but they still had a fabulous selection. I got some wonderful Rowan Cotton Tweed in three shades of denim – Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">here

and a Rowan pattern book. I think I’ll make a very lacy Victorian pillow case I saw in the book with my new Cotton tweed.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">here

Another find in London was at Camden Lock Market (love the sights!) It was just a little shop - selling touristy things - but they also happened to have yarn. It was the first yarn I spied on the trip - so I may have bought more than I should have - if I had waited... But - it was very unique - and although not wool - I liked it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">camden finds

On to the Scotland finds!

My favorite shop by far was a little place in Ullapool. It is called Unlimited Colour Company. (Don’t you just love the way the Brits spell?) It is just a little unassuming shop from the outside that carries the best yarn (and carpets) I’ve seen in a while. It’s on the only main street in the town – across the street from the best fish and chips shop ever by the way!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">fish n chips

The lady who owned the shop, Polly,

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">polly

was the sweetest thing ever! I walked in and as soon as I saw the gorgeous yarn in the back of the shop – she could tell I was a yarn lover.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">the shop

Wiping the drool from my chin – I went on to explain where I was from and how much I loved her stuff. I couldn’t stop oohing and aahing and she seemed to have had just as much fun as I did showing me all the different colors and styles she carried.

Most of the yarn I loved was hand dyed by a woman in Wales - her line is called Isis. I couldn’t stop petting it – she had it all draped around the walls and it felt like walking into a rainbow.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">yarn

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">more yarn

Polly also had some of her own personal yarn stash for sale – which I could tell was breaking her heart to part with. She had had accident which left her partially paralyzed on one side. She could no longer knit. She had been a quite a famous knitwear designer in her past and as we got to talking – she brought out a catalogue of some of her designs. All I can say is wow! She is a master. It’s such a tragedy that she can’t knit anymore. I spent over an hour in her shop and came home with these goodies:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">the loot!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">details

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">more

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">more

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">more

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">and more

I think I gave my husband a heart attack while I was gone - because I left while we were waiting to check in the B and B. I said – I’m just going to have a little look around town. (I mean how long can it take to walk the only block in town – right?) Well – it took me five minutes to find the place and an hour to get out again!

Another yarn find was my gray/black Harris Tweed Wool. I went to Scotland hoping that I would possibly find some real Harris tweed. The only tweed that can ever be called true Harris Tweed - is that made by the people of the island of Harris - and since I wasn't able to actually get to the island of Harris - I didn't think I'd get very lucky. BUt! Low and behold - I did manage to find a little shop that carried some Harris Tweed. They weren't even a yarn shop really - just a little shop on the Island of Skye in Portree called Over the Rainbow. I was breathless when I found it under a rather benign display of jewerly and other odd objects 'd art. But - I did find some and it came home with me :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">Harris Tweed

The label is hand written... and it does say Harris wool!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">label detail

Although it's a bit scratchy - I just have to make a sweater or something fabulous out of it!

All these random little yarn shops in the middle of nowhere - surely - I'd find something in the big city of Edinburgh - right?

Wrong. I found the only shop that I could find mentioned on Google to be within walking distance of the old city -Drummond Wools - and it was a big dissappointment. Very little selection - mostly Rowan and not much of it either. Hardly any wool at all! I did buy some sock yarn -

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">sock yarn

because I had to get something - right! But I wasn't too happy that I trekked almost 2 miles from my B and B to get there.

Other than yarn - I also came home with some highland critters...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">critters

a Hairy Coo

a Sheep

and Nessie!

and some tasty goodies!

My husband collects coke - so we got the official cokes of the World Cup and of course some McVities, Cadburry's, shortbread, and my personal favorite - Prawn flavored Walkers Crisps!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">Yum!

All in all - it was a great trip. I can't wait to start knitting with my new yarn!!

If all else fails to make me happy - I always have my program from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest with my man Christian Slayter.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">Isn't he dreamy!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'm back!

My first day back at work after my vacation and I am amazed that I'm not completely exhausted. I stayed up late watching Lost (love it!) and woke up early to the sounds of DH watching Lost at 5AM.

The trip was fabulous. The only problem was that we had no time to relax. After the 5 day highland tour - we returned to Edinburgh and toured around like crazy. We left Edinburgh for London and only had that afternoon and evening to look around one more time - and then it was up early to get our flight back. I wish I had one more off day to go to a spa or something! Maybe that's how I will spend my Monday - since I do have off for Memorial day (*evil laugh* ) gotta love taking off 2 weeks - working 2 day and then getting a 3 day weekend.

I still haven't unpacked - I know it's only been a day - but I walked into the house after the flight and everything felt so dirty! i just didn't want to deal with it. It's amazing how dirty a place can get in 2 weeks while no one is even there to mess anything up! There were dust bunnines running across the floor - eveything had a layer of dust on it - half my plants were dead or dying (the mother in law was supposed to water.... don't ask - I'm still not over it) and the entire place smelled like a musty attic. I just couldn't bring myself to do anything more than order pizza and sit and watch my Lost show on Tivo.

I brough in shortbread cookies and candy for the folks at work and they are already gone - piggies!

I'll post pics soon - still trying to get them all uploaded. It takes forever to upload 800 pictures!

Here a crumb until I have time to post more.

Here's a "Close" off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. They are very small alley type walkways. I think they are quite beautiful!

Friday, May 19, 2006

I saw the Loch Ness monster...

On the window of our tour boat! We went on a Loch Ness cruise last night and the owner of the boat is absolutely convinved there are... not just one monster in the Loch - but over 20! He had all this scientific equipment and sonar and ultrasound machines and we didn't see anything.... But he did have some home movies handy of when he saw them. It was entertaining non-the-less and we did get pictures of the Loch Ness Monster sticker on the window - because after all - he did guarantee that would see Nessie - so he had to some through!

This is our fifth day of our six day Highland tour. So far we have seen Skye, Inverness, Sterling, Port Williams, and many other smal Scottish towns and villages and castles. The Isle of Skye was wonderful. We had great views of the Old Man of Storr and plenty of sheep and coos to watch out the window. The weather here in Scotland is very strange. One minute the sun is shining and the sky is as blue as you've ever seen it. Not five minutes later the clouds could be rolling in and the rain comes down in buckets. One almost all of the daily hikes - we have experienced both extremes. We hiked up a HUGE mountain to see the Old Man of Storr - I made it most of the way :) We also hiked halfway to england and back to see some caves on the side of a cliff. I didn't go in the caves since you had to slither on your belly like a snake to get inside! But the views were gorgeous and we followed a stream and waterfalls the whole way. If anything - I'll definitely be in better shape after this trip!!
We had a nice wee stroll through the Caledonian forest - one of the last remaining original forests in Scotland. It seems one of the ways Scxotish people fund their retirement is to buy some land in the Highlands - plant trees on it and then cut them all down for lumber in about 30 years. This has been going on so long - that there are little plots of trees here and there - but not much else. So you drive along and see rolling hills, rolling hills, small plot of trees, rolling hills, rolling hilss, small plot of dug up tree roots... etc. The worste part is that they don't bother to do anything with the land after they harvest the trees. The stumps and roots and cut off branches are still laying around.

One particularly nice view was at a gorge near Inverness. We hiked down to this suspension bridge and had a jolly time jumping up and down on the bridge - (holy heights!) and after experiencing what can only be described a near death experience - we made it across to view the gorge and waterfall below. One guy on a tour threw a rock down and we counted nearly 5 seconds before it hit the bottom!

Those Scots are extremely proud of their country and hate teh |English almost as much as they love thier own country. SO - of course we heard countless stories about how the |English suck and saw the battle grounds of almost every battle between the Highlanders and the english. We heard about poor Braveheart and all the poor highland men who believed in Bonnie Prince Charlie - only to be slaughtered by the brits.

We ended up in Loch ness last night and today we will be going who knows where to see more highlights of Scotland. more to come soon!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I saw Hairy Coo

I'm in Scotland right now - on the Isle of Skye. It's been raining on and off - but otherwise it's gorgeous. Every single mountain and valley has a story and they all concern fairies - they are really into stories of fairies here! Earlier today - I managed to buy some yarn too - Real Harris spun yarn. The Scottish Island of Harris is where Harris Tweed is made. I never thought I'd actually get some - It's gorgeous - dark grayish with specks of black and lighter grey. I got enough for a sweater. Yeah!

There are sheep everywhere in Scotland - EVERYWHERE! I'd had to control myself from stopping and picking up every stray lock of fleece I see on the ground. I'd probably have enough for a king sized comforter by now if I did. Along with the sheep - are my favorite four legged friends - the Hairy Coos! They are so laid back. They just kind of stand there and look at you - not much else goes on. They have so much hair - they can barely see you at all - which is maybe why they aren't scared off.

Anyway - in between oohing and ahhing over the sheep and coos - we've been seeing some great sights. We stopped at Eilean Donan castle where they filled Highlander - gorgeous. We also stopped at several other castles and ruined forts - there is just so much history here. The scenery actually reminds me of Hawaii in a way - it too is volcanic made and the mountains look alot like the mountains in Kauai. Except for the white spots (which are sheep!!)

I found my Harris Tweed in a cute little shop in Skye - at a place called Over the Rainbow. They didn't have much selection - but it was the only place I've seen so far that had yarn at all - so I wasn't being too picky.
Later in the trip - we are headed to Inverness and Ullapool and all other kinds of little town with weird names! I'll keep you posted.

I still can't post pics unfortunately - but I'll keep trying - the internet cafe's around here have the CPU locked up - you insert coins like a video game!

Tomorrow is more Scotland highlights - Loch Ness and Inverness and then it's back to Edinburgh.

I have my plans laid for a yarn shop in edinburgh - I hope it works out. I may need to buy another bag for the yarn!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I love London (and Christian Slayter ain't bad either!!)

Cheers from London!!

It has been ab fab so far - I have already heard myself saying things like....

That's brilliant! (imagine the accent... there's no sound on here)


bloody hell!

Anyway - I love it here. I could definitely move here - art, theatre, great food, interesting people, close to other countries - it's got it all. It's definitely a weird feeling to be able to drive for a couple hours and find yourself in another country. I mean we have Canada - but come on - that's really the same thing as here....just a little colder :) In Europe - you can drive to a whole new place that speaks another language entirely.

We only drove around one country so far - but we did drive across the entire thing! We made it from London all the way to Bristol - stopping in betweeen to see Stonehenge, Avebury (another lessor known stone cirlce - but way cool - you can actually touch the rocks and there's sheep roaming around everywhere!), Bath, and Reading. There's not much in Reading I must tell you - we drove around for almost an hour - just trying to find a place to park!

My husband did all the driving - and considering he only ran over a curb 4 times and hit the side mirror only once - I'd saw he did rather well...

Today we headed up to Camden Lock Market to mingle with the punk rockers. I love the unique shops and secret finds... you can browse scarves in one bin and then undies with the Union Jack on them in the next. It's definitely a sight! Oh - and the find of the day!! I found a cute little store that had a yarn section! Nothing much - but I did manage to snag about 5 different types I had never seen before - It's not Scottish Wool - but hey - it made me happy :)

After my yarn fix - we headed back downtown and saw One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Yes - my boy Christian Slayter was in full force. Did I mention I love him? He had a scene in a towel!! I didn't put those binoculars down for a second - who knows what could have happened!! It was a great play and I got to enjoy my theatre ice cream. That's the thing that the good ole USA is missing - ice cream at Intermission!

Tomorrow - it's off to Ediburgh to begin our highland tour!! I wish I could post pics of what I've seen so far - but the damn internet cafe doesn't allow you to save anything on the machines - Argh!

Anyway - more to come later - Hairy Coos - pucker up!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

England and Scotland Here I Come!!

"I'm leaving on a jet plane - don't know when I'll be back again"

Well - I actually do know when I'll be back - but I like that song - and it sort of fit....

Anyway - we leave this evening for London! I'm so excited! We will be spending 3 day in London and then going to Edinburgh Scotland where we will be taking a Highland tour for 6 days and then spending 3 days in Edinburgh. I can't wait!

I will be on the lookout for Scottish wool and celtic knots and anything else that catches my eye.

I wonder if they have Hairy Coo yarn....

In case you were wondering - here's a Hairy Coo - the Highland Cow. Isn't he cute enough to kiss!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sheep and Wool Part Deux

OK - so one day just wasn't enough. Two days - probably wasn't enough either - but it's all we can do.

I went back to the Sheep and Wool on Sunday and took a entrelac class in the morning. Ann Feitelson was the instructor and unfortunately - I don't think she was destined to be an instructor. Her designs were gorgeous and she is obvisouly a master knitter - but her communication skills and patience were not what I would call "teacherly".
Instead of giving us all step by step direction - she instead decided to demonstrate how to make the entrelac squares by knitting them herself and explaining VERY VERY quickly how to do the steps. Out of the entire class - only one woman (who admitted she already knew how to do entrlac) caught on after this demo. The rest of us just kind of picked up our needles and stared at each other. I did finally get the hang of it - but only after she helped me with that darn knitted cast on stitch several times.

I've only been knitting for about 1 year or so - but I think I was one of the more advanced knitters there - there were some women who didn't even know how to pick up stiches and had never knit with more than one color and didn't know you couldn't felt just any kind of yarn but wool :) I felt smart :)

Anyway - Ann was getting very impatient with these poor women and kept yelling at them to not knit more than one square at a time! I just sang my little knitting song to my self (just keep knitting, just keep knitting) and exchanged sarcastic glances with my neighbors! I did learn how to knit entrelac - but it was definitely more of a show than a class!

After the class - I walked around some more and saw the llamas, alpacas and sheep oh my!

Aren't they cute!

Oh and here's a picture of my festival purchases from both days!

All nestled in a cool wicker basket that I got there too.

Here's a better shot of the beautiful mohair I got - I love it!

And what Sheep and Wool festival would be complete without some crazy T-shirts - they were everywhere! Here's one of my favorites...

In case you can't read it - it says "Mary had a little lamb... with mint jelly"

Gotta love it!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I saw Sheep and Wool!

It was utterly amazing. I had no idea that there were so many of us! Knitters could literally take over the world! We have pointy sticks and we know how to use them!

I saw Sheep (and goats and llamas and alpacas...)

And Wool

And Bloggers too!

And knitters as far as the eye could see!

I got up nice and early to head out to the fairgrounds and thank god I did - there was a backup to get in that went on for a mile - and this was at 8:30 in the morning - a half hour before it was even supposed to start!

When i got in - I couldn't beleive how much yarn and wool and spinning equipment there was - it was like a fiber lover's dream come true.

I decided to make my way to the back where the main exhibition hall is located. This is where I was told I would get the best stuff. On my way - I ran into Alice! from my knitting group. It was so nice to see someone I knew! I stopped and talked while in line for t-shirts and souveniers. I couldn't beleive the line for that stuff! There were lines for everything in general - but the line for souveniers must have gone for a mile.

It's like they were giving it away! Anyway - after chatting for a bit - I told her I had to go see the crazy yarn sale I kept hearing about. HollyAnne was supposedly at this crazy sale and I wanted to see it for myself. So - I told her I'd be back and I left for my wool adventure.

I walked into what can only be descibed as mobscene. No sooner had bags of yarn been taken out of boxes than hands reached in from all directions and grabbed grabbed grabbed anything and everything in sight. I found out soon after seeing this why... it was only .12cents an ounce! I had never seen such a wool and yarn loving mob scene! I did what any red blooded american knitter would do. I pushed on in and grabbed the first yarn bag I could see. Yes - I will admit the mob mentality did get the best of me and I grabbed handfuls of the beautiful Koigu yarn and stood in line while the others bustled around me.

I did manage to convince myself to put back the entire bag and only buy a few skeins of the "Reds" and eneded up spending about $60 on over 20 skeins of the most beautiful yarn. :)

After that extravaganza - I decided I need a break from the impulse buying gene that has somehow found it's way into me and so I went back and found Alice. She was still in pretty much the same spot I left her and I joined her again in time to buy my official Sheep and Wool merchandise. I got a T-shirt, a mouse pad, a pin, a bag and a hat. Gotta love it!

After grabbing our goodies - we headed out in search of more yarn deals. Our mouths were watering as we came upon handpainted and spun wools from around the country. It was truly amazing. A mecca of yarn.

I also ran into Carol from the Celtic Knot and Sarah and also Bonnie from my Thursday knitting circle. It was nice to know I'm not alone in my obsession :)

I ended up with a large stash of yarn to add to my stash, a beautiful handmade basket (perfect for holding the stash), two sets of gorgeous exotic wood needles, some hand made buttons and a cute kid's i-cord maker. (I remember having one of these peg things as a child!)

Overall it was a lovely day! I can't wait for tomorrow when I have my Entrelac felted bag class and then after class - more shopping?!

I did just get more money out of the ATM.... Carpe diem means "Seize the wool" - right?

Friday, May 05, 2006

Tomorrow is Sheep and Wool!

I can't wait!! I am getting up even earlier tomorrow morning that I usually do for work! Now that's dedication!

It's only about 30 minutes from my place - but I hope to get there nice and early and scope out all the good deals. I'm meeting up with my friend HollyAnne from my knitting group. She knows all the good places to go - and I plan on following her around like a puppy - slobbering on all the yarn deals!

I'm so excited I even sent a email/comment to the actual Yarn Harlot to see if she is going to be there. I don't expect an actual resonse - but you never know.

I have been told that there is so much spinning/raw wool material there that I will have to be very very self controlled in order not to succomb to buying any spinning equipment. I don't think I want to buy any spinning equipment.... But.... you never know. I will have to chant my mantra - "Just keep knitting, just keep knitting" and go on my merry way buying lots and lots of wool and yarn - that is already spun and dyed!

The countdown begins!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Life is like rhubarb pie

My life is like rhubarb pie - know what I mean? Probably not. I just ate the best piece of rhubarb pie today. It reminded me of the kind my mom used to make. Sweet with just a touch of that signature tartness that makes rhubarb, well.... rhubarb.

My life lately has had it share of sour moments, but overall - it's sweet enough to get by. I have a nice house, a husband who loves me, two dogs who love me and plenty of knitting to keep me busy and happy for some time.

It's just that some of the sour parts have been creeping up on me lately. One example just happened today. We had a home owners meeting this evening with the entire neighborhood. We talked about all the normal stuff like dues, landscaping plans, mailboxes, blah blah blah and then we got to end of the meeting and my neighbor says - "We should talk about the dog issue before we go." The dog issue? I'm thinking someone's dog has died or something. I don't know of any other dog issue. We have two dogs, they have a dog and many others have dogs as well. But when she starts to talk about the 'dog issue' it's apparently my dogs she has the problem with.

She said she found 7 poops in her yard in the past few months. (Yes, she counted the poops) and wants us to leash our dogs from now on. Now I have no problem with that and normally do leash my dogs (I do occassionally let them out without a leash if it's like 3am in the morning and I'm in my pajamas and they walk 3 feet out the door, pee and come back in) and if I ever see them poop on someone else's lawn - I immediately pick it up. I find it relatively hard to believe that my dogs poop on her lawn at all - let alone 7 times. Well this may be fine and an understandable concern for a neighbor who does not have a dog, but she does have a dog. And .... (it gets better) - her dog poops on our lawn regularly. I'm talking everyday. They also NEVER leash their dog and he roams the neighborhood spraying his un-neutered unrine all over my new plants and trees turning them yellow. (I actually prefer the poop to the pee. At least I can remove the poop from my yard - I can't remove the pee stains from my trees and bushes.)

Anyway - I can't believe she would point this out in front of everyone that my dog pooped on her lawn 7 times this year. What kind of person is that much of a hypocrite? She's worried about 7 times in a year - versus every day? Hmmm... I don't know - I guess that's my fault?

I tried to laugh it off - but I was obviously upset about it. So - I leave the meeting and now need to walk my dogs since I spent the last hours in this meeting being bored. So I was out walking the dogs (on a leash) later this evening when she came out of her house and down to me and said she didn't mean to hurt my feelings, but she was really upset by the 7 poops. Well - let's just say I lost it. I started to tear up (Yes I admit it - I'm a crier. When I get upset, angry, sad, happy, sunburned. You name it - I cry...) and explain that yes it really did hurt my feelings that she said what she did about my dog when her dog pooped on my lawn regularly.
Well - she then denies it and says "No - he poops in the woods (which border my lawn). I said - sometimes he poops in the woods - but I find poop in my lawn regularly. (She has a very large yellow lab and his poop is distinctly different from my 2 little schnauzers' poopettes) She denies it again and says she doesn't think it's her dog's poop. Well - I don't what to say at this point, I'm crying and trying to manage 2 dogs on 2 leashes at once - and not scream "bloody liar!" in her face.

She eventually gets uncomfortable and says - "Well - OK, I'll talk to you later, bye!" in her blond snobbish way (did I mention she was blond and also a snob in general). So she leaves - blonde hair bobbing behind her as she walks and I'm left with my two leashed dogs (who are now wrapped around a tree, each in different directions), my mousy brown hair (which does not bob behind me as I walk away) and my tears (which aren't cute and make my entire face look red and swollen.... I know... I've seen it).

So - now you know why my day has been like rhubarb pie.

The rhubarb = a sour neighbor who can't handle 7 poops in one year - but lets her dog poop at will.

The pie? The fact that I have 2 wonderful dogs, a yard for them to poop in and the ability to bend over and pick up said poop.

Some days life is sweeter than others - I just have to remember to love the rhubarb along with it.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Office Space anyone?

I work with lots of men. I'm a PeopleSoft developer and as a woman in this industry that's just the way it is. You are outnumbered. At my job it's 3 women to 12 men. 8 of those are Indian men. They don't value women all that highly. I can understand this - I don't agree - but I guess I can undertand it's in their upbringing and culture - blah blah blah - but I don't understand why they feel it's my job to do the administrative crap all the time!

I am probably totally overreacting here - but I am so tired of having to organize lunches, update phone lists and generally make sure the project runs smoothly. If you want make me the secretary - give me a raise! I'm a developer too! I may not be as experienced as the other guys on the team - but come on - I'm in the same exact role. If I asked one of them to make a phone list - it would never happen. But I can be asked to make a list or call a restuarent or print out a spreadsheet for someone and it's ok.

I just got done trying to organize a lunch for a teammate that is leaving. I didn't pick the restuarant (it's Chinese and I hate Chinese food!)- but of couse I now have to plan the entire thing. I tried to call and make the reservation and they are not nice at all and make try to tell me I have to pick from a "set menu". So I show the options to everyone and no one is happy with them. So - I call back and say - no set menu - we are going to order off the regular menu.

So the manager then says - it's too many people - we will have to give them our order ahead of time. great! So - now I have to go around and get everyone's order. I think - ok - these are adults - I can just write an email and request their order by 10 am today. no problem. Wrong! I had to go to each person individually around 9:45 this morning in order to get everyone's choice. Most people hadn't even looked yet. I had sent the email out the day before and there was plenty of time to look and decide.

So - I finally get the orders and then the second after I fax it in - three people say they want to change their order. Too bad - so sad - too late - not gonna happen.

To top it all off - I just tried to call the restaurant to confirm that they got our order and this old lady answers who doesn't speak much english and says " Call back later... I in kitchen... no english..." and hangs up on me.

So - now - it's 10:53 - I have no idea if they received our order and I really don't care anymore! So there!

Ah - the life of an computer programmer. Who knew it would be so full of drama!

"Ah, um, I I bbelieve you hhave my my stapler?"

Monday, May 01, 2006

Felting is magical :)

I love felted bags. It is most definitely my favorite thing to make. Last night I finally finished a bag for one of my good friends at work and it looks amazing! I alsmost don't want to part with it.

It was definitely a struggle for some strange reason. It was a hard pattern - but I just kept messing up. I think those blonde streaks are absorbing into my brain! I had to start over once I realized the MOebius strip incident and then when I sewed up the bottom - I did it in the wrong direction! The handles weren't right. So - I again had to rip out all my lovely even stitches and redo it. By the time this baby made it into the washing machine last night - I was doubtful that it would felt correctly - since every other step had so far gone wrong! So I put it in with a pair of jeans and a little soap and a little hot water and a tennis ball (just following the directions!) and then sat back waiting for something to go wrong.

I was tempted several times to take it out and look - but it was covered in soapy suds and I didn't want to mess with that. So - when it was finally done - I held my breath and opened the zipper to the lingerie bag and voila! I pulled out a perfectly felted piece.