Friday, May 11, 2007

Remember this?

My long lost top-down raglan has made a reappearance!

Top Down Raglan

I pulled it out of "timeout" last night and decided to work on it again. I had relegated this sweater to my UFO pile a while back because it became a total slogfest and I just couldn't take the miles of stockinette anymore, but last night - it seemed to have a new appeal.

I finished one Jaywalker and didn't feel like casting on for the second quite yet (I will though!! no SSS for me!) - so I picked up my raglan and started knitting away. I soon remembered why I fell in love with this yarn in the first place. The color is so rich and I love the subtle variagation of the Araucania nature Wool.

Top Down Raglan

Top Down Raglan

I don't know how long this love affair will last - but hopefully I'll be able to add a few more inches before I grow tired of the miles of plain knitting again. I think I can at least get to the point of separating for the sleeves soon.... I hope!!

I don't about where you live - but at my house - the garden is just bursting with color lately. My peonies are about to open, my irises are blooming and everything looks and smells amazing.

Here is my front yard and some details of the flowers that are open right now...

My front yard

The inner beauty of an iris:

A Parrot tulip:

A bumblebee on my Salvia:

There are ants EVERYWHERE on my peonies - but this is normal!
Ant on my peony

Purple Iris with Rhododendrum:
Purple Iris

My new Clematis will hopefully soon climb up my arbor:


Stacey said...

your front garden is amazing! i love the rock wall and the splashes of color!!!!!!

chacha / Jen said...

Wow - now I want a garden. Yours is gorgeous!

Good luck getting through a few inches of your sweater... I know *all* about sweater timeout. :D

Coleen said...

preeeetty flowers!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back raglan...oh how I love your color!!

Your garden photos look BEAUTIFUL (as usual)!!

Trillian42 said...

Your flowers are amazing - I have a total black thumb, so I envy anyone who can grow a garden.

Jinann said...

Gorgeous photos! "garden" is rather self-caring - all bushes, no flowers except some mums and some Japanese mini-irises (that have more weeds than irises at this point!) I'm sooooo jealous!

Theresa said...

Beautiful front yard! And pretty flower pictures.

Love the raglan!

Mira said...

Your house looks beautiful!! and so do the flowers!!

Anonymous said...

The flower pictures are just beautiful. The sweater looks like the perfect vege in-front of the tv project. I love the colours in it.